Bookopoly: Summer Reading Program


We're bringing back Bookopoly for our 2022 Summer Reading Program - Read on to see what it's all about! Come into the bookshop to sign up, pick up your Bookopoly Game Board, and start reading!

How to Play

  1. Read a book that fits the description of one of the squares.
  2. Record the title and author on the back of this gameboard.
  3. Think about what makes this book special, and why. Be prepared to talk to a bookseller about it.
  4. Read another book! It can be anywhere on the board, No need to go in order.
  5. As you move around the board, come into the bookstore and share your progress with a Word After Wood Books Bookseller and receive a sticker on each square you've read. 
  6. Earn rewards as you complete each color group. Collect them all!
  7. Complete the whole board by the end by October 1st and receive a Word After Word Books winner's coupon.
  8. If you complete the gameboard more than once, you will receive a special recognition.