Boys, Beauty & Betrayal (Paperback)

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Tanisha wants what most teenage girls want: an A on her math test, a boyfriend, new jeans and a mother who does not pop pills. In Boys, Beauty & Betrayal, you'll meet fourteen year old Tanisha Carlson and her friends at Battle Creed Junior High School: Maria, Lori, Rashanda, Grace and Justine. Witty, smart and moderately popular, the fabric of Tanisha's world is woven together by a complex thread of secrets and lies. Her teen drama intensifies when she faces rejection from the boy she likes and a cat fight with her bff. Hiding behind her 'Mona Lisa' crooked smile is another secret Tanisha fears will destroy her middle school standing. Yet, like most teen girls, Tanisha is determined to fake her way to fabulousness without snapping like a twig in her designer jeans.

In this novel, Tanisha learns the true meaning of friendship, realizes the world is not black and white and strengthens her self confidence in the process. Readers young and old will enjoy part one in this coming of age series with its surprising twists and turns.

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ISBN: 9781957593005
ISBN-10: 1957593008
Publication Date: April 1st, 2022
Pages: 204
Language: English