Parenting Teens: The Complete Guide on Parenting the modern Teen and having a Positive impact on your Boys. Learn how to become a more (Hardcover)

Parenting Teens: The Complete Guide on Parenting the modern Teen and having a Positive impact on your Boys. Learn how to become a more Cover Image
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Do you want to learn how to help your child pursue his dreams?

Would you like to be a good and positive parent for your child?

If yes, this collection is the right book for you

You can help your child pursue his dreams without even understanding much of what he is up to. Your role is to help him brainstorm solutions to the problems he encounters along the way. Otherwise, you must brainstorm ways to find help when he needs it.

For teens to accomplish the amazing feats that are sometimes described in magazines and newspapers requires passionate interest on the part of the teens that lasts long enough to make some actual accomplishments. Parents' encouragement and cooperation are essential as well.

What every parent must know is that there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Sure, there are model families that are so well put together. Not only do these kids look good, but they also perform well in school and are overall good kids.

Every parent knows how difficult parenting is, and is just making things up as he or she goes along. So stop trying to be perfect; strive to be a great one instead.

Parenting struggles are universal. No matter your parenting dilemma, you will find the guidance you are looking for in this collection.

Teens are capable of the same intense involvements and passionate pursuits as any other age group. The problem is that very few have discovered what they care about, or they aren't being helped to pursue their passion. Some children discover whatever lights their fire on their own. Most need a parent to help them find it. So, what are you waiting for?

This collection includes two indispensable books:

BOOK 1: "Parenting Boys"

This book covers:

- Stages of Development in Boys

- Predictable Parenting

- The 7 Vital Parenting Skills to Understand Teenagers

- Communicating with Your Teen

- How to Start Talking About Sex

...And much more

BOOK 2: "Positive Parenting"

This book covers:

- What Is Positive Parenting

- Criteria for Positive Discipline

- Techniques And Tips To Positive Parenting

- Parenting Discipline Styles

- How To Achieve The Proactive Stance

...And much more

Parenting is the greatest act of courage. To have courage is to lead with your heart. So parents, buy this book and take heart

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