Mzee Hekima and The Boys: Kelele the Rooster (Paperback)

Mzee Hekima and The Boys: Kelele the Rooster By Wanjiru Kimani Cover Image
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"A crowing rooster and a wise elder teach some youngsters a lesson in this illustrated children's book ... A story with a clear-cut message about the importance of cultivating compassion." - Kirkus Reviews

Mzee Hekima and his rooster, Kelele, live in Jata village in the beautiful countryside in central Kenya. Early one morning, Mzee Hekima finds Kelele bleeding and in pain. Who would want to hurt Kelele the rooster? Why? Mzee Hekima will not rest until he finds the culprits who hurt Kelele.This is a story that teaches us the importance of being humane, compassionate, and kind with others. In Swahili this is referred to as 'Utu', the act of being human.

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ISBN: 9781734716450
ISBN-10: 1734716452
Publisher: Ink Books LLC
Publication Date: July 1st, 2021
Pages: 34
Language: English