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The Grift: The Downward Spiral of Black Republicans from the Party of Lincoln to the Cult of Trump (Hardcover)

The Grift: The Downward Spiral of Black Republicans from the Party of Lincoln to the Cult of Trump By Clay Cane, Lavette Books Cover Image
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Part history and part cultural analysis, The Grift chronicles the nuanced history of Black Republicans. Clay Cane lays out how Black Republicanism has been mangled by opportunists who are apologists for racism.

After the Civil War, the pillars of Black Republicanism were a balanced critique of both political parties, civil rights for all Americans, reinventing an economy based on exploitation, and, most importantly, building thriving Black communities. How did Black Republicanism devolve from revolutionaries like Frederick Douglass to the puppets in the Trump era?

Whether it's radical conservatives like South Carolina Senator Tim Scott or Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, they are consistently viral news and continuously upholding egregious laws at the expense of their Black brethren. Black faces in high places providing cover for explicit bigotry is one of the greatest threats to the liberation of Black and brown people. By studying these figures and their tactics, Cane exposes the grift and lays out a plan to emancipate our future.

About the Author

Clay Cane is an award-winning journalist, writer, radio host, and political commentator. A graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in African-American Studies, his work on race, culture, and politics have appeared in national publications, including the Washington Post, CNN, and The Grio. He is the director of the original BET documentary Holler If You Hear Me: Black and Gay in the Church, which was screened at the Obama White House. In 2017, The Clay Cane Show launched on SiriusXM Urban View channel 126. Clay is a regular political commentator on MSNBC. The Grift is his second book, his first being Live Through This: Surviving the Intersections of Sexuality, God, and Race. ClayCane.net, @claycane

Praise For…

"The Grift is a timely, important, and well-researched book that traces the evolution of Black Republicans from the race-conscious freedom fighters of the Frederick Douglass era, and the traitors among them, to the ‘colorblind’ opportunists of the Trump era. In the course of all that history, author Clay Cane exposes liars, frauds, and hypocrites in this juicy and provocative study—and he brings receipts. It’s a much-needed civics lesson for our precarious democracy." — Keith Boykin, New York Times bestseller and author of Why Does Everything Have to Be About Race?

"We live in a world where truth is in short supply, and gaslighting and propaganda are prevalent. In The Grift, Clay Cane walks us through history and cuts through the misinformation, putting a bullseye on the bad actors and the tactics they used to tear up our democracy and undermine our freedoms for personal gain. The Grift is refreshing and necessary!" — Karen Hunter, New York Times bestselling author and SiriusXM Radio Host

"The Grift is the book we desperately needed! With moral courage and political clarity, Clay Cane offers an unflinching analysis of the modern Black Republican movement. Deeply grounded in history and keenly aware of the current moment, the book brilliantly chronicles the political, social, and moral descent of a significant slice of self-identified Black conservatives. As always, Clay Cane offers the type of nuanced, principled, and honest analysis necessary to understand and survive these trying times." — Marc Lamont Hill, New York Times bestselling author

"I’ve long maintained that the easiest way to make a fast buck in 2023 is to go on a GOP-MAGA grift. Clay lays out in a clear and concise manner how morally bankrupt these people are." — Roland Martin, founder of the Black Star Network

"The Grift isn't just a book—it’s a revelation. Cane's meticulous research, combined with his compassionate storytelling, lays bare the complexities of identity, loyalty, and political evolution within the Black community." — BET.com

Product Details
ISBN: 9781728290225
ISBN-10: 1728290228
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication Date: January 30th, 2024
Pages: 400
Language: English