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The Initiation (Hardcover)

The Initiation By Chris Babu Cover Image
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This is book number 1 in the The Initiation series.


As featured on CNN, the NY Post, Bloomberg, and others

Published two years before Covid, The Initiation is set a generation after an apocalypse that featured a global pandemic, a mass exodus from NYC, strict quarantines, riots over inequality, and federal forces brought in to restore order. Want to know what happens next?

Manhattan is now known as New America, a fully walled-in society based on equality. But the perfect facade hides a dark truth.

A timid math geek, sixteen-year-old Drayden watches his life crumble when his beloved mother is exiled. The mystery of her banishment leads him to a sinister secret: New America is in trouble, and every one of its citizens is in jeopardy.

With time running out, he enters the Initiation. It’s a test within the empty subway tunnels—-a perilous journey of puzzles and deadly physical trials. Winners join the ruling Bureau and move to its safe haven. But failure means death. Can Drayden conquer the Initiation, or is salvation out of his grasp?

About the Author

Chris Babu grew up in North Haven, CT, playing soccer and the violin in his free time. After devouring The Shining under the covers with a flashlight when he was eight, Chris was hooked on fiction. He's always had a thing for young adult books. But he's also a major science and math nerd—physics being his favorite—and he has a math degree from MIT.

For nineteen years, he worked as a bond trader on Wall Street, riding the subway to and from work every day. He traded mortgage-backed securities for Bank of America and then Deutsche Bank, where he eventually ran the MBS trading desk. Now Chris writes full-time, always with his trusted assistant Buddy, a 130-pound Great Dane, who can usually be found on his lap. They split their time between New York City and the east end of Long Island. Their omnipresence at home drives his wife Michelle and daughter Lily crazy. He can be found at chrisbabu.com.

Praise For…

"Wow! The Initiation has got to be one of the best books I think I've ever read."
— The Avid Reader

"This is one to remember... This book has very intelligent writing, great character growth and can get very emotional. I recommend this one a lot."
— The Page Unbound

"An adrenaline filled and suspenseful dystopian with a penchant for capturing Drayden's emotions on the loss of his mother and the subsequent difficulties he faces. A masterfully written tale that will be liked by fans of Divergent and Warcross."
— Books and Tea

"If you are looking for a Hunger Games / Maze Runner type of book, I truly believe you need to pick this book up."
— Charlotte Brand

"I went into this book knowing next to nothing, so I wasn't sure what I was getting into. That said, I'm so glad I did! I ended up loving this one!"
— Adventures Thru Wonderland

"If you like books like Hunger Games and The Maze Runner you will love this one!... this is a great read and I can't wait for the sequel!"
— BookedLQ

"The Initiation is a hell of a ride..."
— MIT's The Tech

"Awesome premise, excellent writing, and wonderfully developed characters."
— Reads and Reels

"A gripping, mind-blowing, brilliant book that makes you think while at the same time delivering a fantastic story."
— Renita d'Silva, author of A Daughter's Courage

"Teachers and parents might well consider suggesting that this literate and suspenseful book be included on middle school and high school curricula."
— The Independent

"Fans of Joelle Charbonneau's The Testing  will love The Initiation. From the first page, Babu writes with action-packed ferocity, never stopping for a second...I could not stop turning the page."
— Teenreads.com

Product Details
ISBN: 9781682615935
ISBN-10: 1682615936
Publisher: Permuted Press
Publication Date: February 27th, 2018
Pages: 320
Language: English
Series: The Initiation