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In God we trust, yet under the umbrella of religion, the world remains full of sorrow, sin, and misfortune. Wrongful, wicked, wayward, and more than ever, woeful, mankind teeters on the edge of self-annihilation. Homelessness, hunger, and inequality are endured in a world that has become dangerously overpopulated and profoundly polluted.

If you were to be granted one wish that would ensure the survival of both people and planet, what would you wish for?

The year is 2020, and by divine decree from the powers that be, three religious leaders attain a never-imagined unity. A Christian, a Muslim, and a Jew are chosen and commanded to make such a wish. They are called the Trinitas, and the effect of their remedial request is called Trinitasm. For some, what befalls shall indeed be a disaster, but for the lives of most, it's to be nothing less than happily ever after.

Angelic adventures, a glimpse of the afterlife, and an unprecedented peek at the Heavens are presented in this spiritually sponsored, poetic prophecy. So, too, this be a book of beware, and a manuscript with a message for a world that's soon to receive a bit of heavenly hocus-pocus.

Be it perceived as preposterous and playful or possible and pending, free will dictates that the choice is yours.

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ISBN: 9781647016852
ISBN-10: 1647016851
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: June 8th, 2020
Pages: 344
Language: English