California Real Estate License Exam Study Guide (Hardcover)

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If you want to take the Californial real estate license exam but don't have a lot of time for studying keep reading......

You are no doubt a busy professional with a lot of things going on It can be challenging to find the time to study for the California Real Estate License Exam That is why the author Luca Coletti, a real estate professional, developed the California Real Estate License Study Guide This Edition is a practice questions edition. It contains HUNDREDS of practice questions. It comes in text format, so that you can use it anytime, anywhere It's sections include:


Chapter 1 - Property Ownership

Chapter 2 - Land Use Controls and Regulations

Chapter 3 - Valuation and Market Analysis

Chapter 4 - Financing

Chapter 5 - General Principles of Agency

Chapter 6 - Property Condition and Disclosures

Chapter 7 - Contracts

Chapter 8 - Transfer of Title

Chapter 9 - Practice of Real Estate

Chapter 10 - Real Estate Calculations

Chapter 11 - Specialty Areas

Appendix A - Test-Taking Tips for Real Estate Licensure Exams

Appendix B - Sample Offer to Purchase and Acceptance Contract

Appendix C - Sample Real Estate Referral Form

Appendix D - Sample Form for Disclosure of Property Condition

Appendix E - Sample of Real Estate Purchase Agreement

Appendix F - Sample of Cancellation of Agreement Form

Appendix G - Glossary of Real Estate Terms

Bonus Chapter Starting a Career in Real Estate in California

Bonus Chapter Study Techniques That Work

Bonus Chapter California Real Estate Practices

Bonus Chapter Categories of the Exam and Practice Questions



Each section is divided into further subsections making sure all aspects are covered If you read our study guide, and take the time to really understand the concepts, we are confident you will be on your way to an exciting new career

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