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The Shetland Bus: A WWII Epic Of Courage, Endurance, and Survival (Paperback)

The Shetland Bus: A WWII Epic Of Courage, Endurance, and Survival By David Howarth Cover Image
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From the author of We Die Alone, The Shetland Bus recounts the hundreds of crossings of small boats from the Shetland Islands to German-occupied Norway to supply arms to the Resistors and to rescue refugees--all under constant threat by German U-boats and winter storms.

The occupation in the spring of 1940 crippled Britain's ability to gather intelligence information. After the Germans invaded Norway, many Norwegians knew that small boats were constantly sailing from the Shetland Islands to land weapons, supplies, and agents and to rescue refugees. In The Shetland Bus, David Howarth, who was second in command of the Shetland base, recounts the many, many trips made by fishing boats in the dark of Arctic winter to resist the Nazi onslaught.

About the Author

David Howarth ran a spy ring during World War II from which this book was derived. Mr. Howarth, who died in 1991, was the author of two dozen major books of history.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781493032945
ISBN-10: 1493032941
Publisher: Lyons Press
Publication Date: February 1st, 2018
Pages: 260
Language: English