Evren Council (Paperback)

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Elara has a universe to protect and she needs to act fast...

Elara must help life to flourish in her Evren-her universe-and protect it at all costs. For years, she has relied on her two trusted student apprentices, Vera and Rigel, to help her. Yet when one becomes secretive and turns on her, it puts more than her Evren in danger...it risks the entire Evren multiverse.

Rigel is greedy and hiding something...

Once considered family by Elara, Rigel hungers for power, even if it means destroying the Evren. If Rigel can get his hands on The Book of Azriel, he'll learn the secrets to the Evren multiverse. With that kind of power, he can defy the laws of nature and throw the multiverse into chaos. All he has to do is use his charms at the Library of Omnia, access the book, and steal the Elu stone, which controls life in the Evren.

Can Elara outwit him and save the Evren multiverse?

Elara has a plan and one loyal apprentice, Vera, at her side. Now, can she pull the other Evren together, protect the Elu stone, and defy Rigel's evil scheme?

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ISBN: 9781087953335
ISBN-10: 1087953332
Publisher: Missmel Publishing
Publication Date: March 18th, 2021
Pages: 52
Language: English