#WeAreRent Book 1: Capitalism, Cannibalism and why we must outlaw Free Riding (Paperback)

#WeAreRent Book 1: Capitalism, Cannibalism and why we must outlaw Free Riding By Fred Harrison Cover Image
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To overcome the economic aftermath of Covid-19 and empower people to "build back better", our world needs a new social paradigm. That model would need to launch humanity on to a moral growth path by enabling societies to survive the looming existential crises which, Fred Harrison reveals, will converge as a result of the peak in house prices in 2026. That paradigm exists, explains the author, in the form of a financial anti-dote to what economists call "rent seeking". In testing his thesis, the author discovered that the world's systemic crises originated in a single cause. Free riding is an anti-social form of behaviour that incubated the social, demographic and environmental threats to life on Earth. A single financial reform would deliver the synergy to simultaneously neutralise the cannibalistic phase into which free riding has consigned our world. It would do so by transforming governance to serve the common good. The author provides an enriched theory of evolution, which reveals the blueprint that would empower people to reframe behaviour and heal the damage inflicted on nature and society.

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ISBN: 9780995635197
ISBN-10: 0995635196
Publisher: Land Research Trust
Publication Date: January 4th, 2021
Pages: 238
Language: English