The Healing Network: Believe, Receive and Maintain Your Healing (Paperback)

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Today, more than ever, it seems as if most people are suffering from one ailment or the other. High blood pressure, diabetes, lupus, cancer, heart disease - it seems each one of us knows someone who is dealing with sickness, and many are asking "Will I be healed?"

In her book, The Healing Network: Believe, Receive and Maintain your Healing, Mynesha J. Rogers reminds us that God wants us to be healed. God wants us to live healthy lives that are free from diseases. But the key to believing, receiving and maintaining our healing is found in our network. The Healing Network is a powerful book that focuses on the interconnection of faith, action, and relationships (The F.A.R principle) for our healing and wellbeing. In it you will discover:

  • The biblical foundation for healing
  • How to believe God for your healing
  • Practical steps to take toward the manifestation of your healing
  • How to build the right support team for your healing

God still heals. He did it before. He is doing it now and He will do it again. Grounded in scripture and prayer, this book is a resource to help you to create your own Healing Network.

It's time for you to believe, receive and maintain your healing

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ISBN: 9780985653583
ISBN-10: 0985653582
Publisher: Vine Publishing
Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
Pages: 74
Language: English