Chapstick Eater: Exploits of an Oddball (Paperback)

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Feeling like the odd girl out has always defined Jaclyn DellaTorre's life. Her specialty: having zero grace.Jackie may be an oddball, but she is one with some pretty famous friends. Her life has been filled with crazy adventures--even as she fights off embarrassment and imposter syndrome at every turn. Whether she is making a cringe-worthy faux pas at a famous reality TV star's wedding, having a standoff with a well-known bodybuilder, drunkenly eating a full jar of pickles belonging to her Ultimate Fighting Champion roommate, or turning a movie star's flight from Vegas into the trip from hell, Jackie has always found a way to make every new day even more mortifying than the last.Thanks also to her life as a hairdresser, and as the best friend of a former NFL player, Jackie is left with even more unforgettable stories. Throughout it all, Jackie still manages to laugh at herself and her quirks. And the rest of the time, well, she's just busy thinking about food

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ISBN: 9780692192542
ISBN-10: 0692192549
Publisher: Jaclyn Dellatorre
Publication Date: February 25th, 2019
Pages: 182
Language: English