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Digging Up the Seeds of white Supremacy (Hardcover)

Digging Up the Seeds of white Supremacy By Rita Sinorita Fierro Cover Image
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A book designed to rewire our approach to dismantling white supremacy in our activism, our organizations, and every aspect of our lives.

Dr. Fierro takes the reader on an historical and sociological journey through the origins of our systems-when the intentions were set

to endure centuries. The predictable fruits, like a tree planted from a seed, reveal hidden, encoded mechanisms. First Nations have denounced for centuries a crucial historical moment that birthed the segregation of all systems while remaining united under one banner of fear, lack, and punishment. With compelling clarity the author shines a light on the System (with a capital "S"), a composite of 10 single-systems that have been morphing together over centuries-without truly changing. Yet, we have the collective power to move

this System that feeds on greed and entitlement from fear to freedom and from competition to peace. The author's personal transformation brings this theoretical knowledge into our lives, showing how each of us can be the catalyst for collective transformation, as well.

For 20 years, Dr Rita Fierro has guided the unpicking of patterns of systemic inequities. Dr. Rita heads a consulting firm that evaluates projects, researches social inequities, and provides processes that illuminate complexity for businesses, foundations, nonprofits, NGOS, and the United Nations on four continents. Dr Rita facilitates conversations below the surface while honoring deep human longings: sitting face-to-face with the personal pain of hundreds of people. Dr. Rita has a Ph.D. in African American Studies from Temple University and a masters in Sociology from the University of Rome, Italy. Dr Rita co-founded Home for Good Coalition as to transform systemic racism in our country.

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ISBN: 9780578378633
ISBN-10: 0578378639
Publisher: Collective Power Media
Publication Date: May 24th, 2022
Pages: 384
Language: English