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This is an archive of the books we have read so far in the Word After Word Book Club and a smattering of discussion questions. Please use this archive as a resource for your own book club, or to help you dive deeper into some quality literature on your own. If you would like to follow along and contribute your own bookish thoughts in real time, please join our private Facebook Group



 Question 1. Does the writing remind you of any other books/authors?

 Question 2. Who in your life, if anyone, would you say truly knows you?

 Question 3. What feelings come up for you while your are reading this book?

 Question 4. Why do you think Oren suggests to Edie that they don't have children?










 Question 1. The book could be classified as an example of regionalism. To what extent is it a story of a particular place and time?

 Question 2. Describe Willie’s responses to the expectations of her behavior as a girl. What does she struggle with or against? How do your own experiences compare to those faced by Willie?

 Question 3. Race is a theme central to the book. There are a limited number of characters we hear from directly in the book, and they are all white. How does that influence an   examination of   race relationships?












 Question 1. Is your worldview more like Gus's or January's Do you tend to be more optimistic or pessimistic? Has it changed with time     and   experience?

 Question 2. Did January's father deserve her forgiveness? Do you think she has forgiven him?

 Question 3.Do you believe in Happily Ever After? What would your Happily Ever After look like in real life?


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August 2021         


Question 1. Why does Carrot decide to change her name? What turning point does it mark in her life? (If you haven't figured it out yet, Carrot's given name was Jennifer!)

Question 2. How does nature help Carrot heal? Do you feel similar benefits being in nature?

Question 3. Why are Carrot and her friends drawn to riding freight trains, even though it’s extremely dangerous and difficult?