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Book Buy-Back

Word After Word Book Buy-Back

We are not currently accepting used books.

When: Monday - Friday from 10am - 5pm, except on Holiday Weeks we can't accept used books or used records.

How It Works: Trade in your books for store credit! The better condition your book is in, the more credit you receive. We accept gently used books from all genres. Our Book-Buy back pros will give your books a quick peek and let you know if we can't accept any. Any books we decide not to take will be donated. Bring in your books, we'll get your info and get back to you once we've processed them! You may bring in up to two bags of books, we do not have the space to accept large collections so this is a monthly two bag max.

What We're Looking For: Contemporary titles in fiction and non-fiction as well as young adult and kids' books (chapter books and picture books). Basically, if it's something we might sell on the main floor, we'll probably like it for the bargain shelves.  

What We Cannot Take: Unfortunately, we have limited space, so we have to be picky about what we take in. At this time, we cannot accept:

  • Mass Market Paperbacks
  • Guidebooks or Travel books
  • Advanced reader copies or Galleys
  • Very old/excessively abused books
  • Specialty academic volumes
  • Notated or highlighted books
  • Kids' Board Books
  • Hardcover books without their dust jacket
  • Books from Little Free Libraries
  • Books about seasonal holidays
  • Books from Scholatic book fairs
  • Books without barcodes

Questions? Give us a call or shoot us an email!