Welcome 2018!


Hello! A happy New Year to you. One year ago, Andie Keith and I were unpacking boxes of books, installing shelves, and preparing to open a bookstore on commercial row in downtown Truckee. How is it possible that we've almost been in business for one full  year! So much has happened in that time. We're now a thriving, bustling little indie bookstore with loyal customers and an amazing staff!

Happy Holidays, Gift Wrapping, and More!

Hello shoppers! Only 18 days until the fat man in the white beard and red get-up arrives, or if you're not one to delve into that tradition, then it's only five nights til we light the menorah, and the Solstice will be here on the 21st - 14 days to go, or if it's nothing like that at all for you, well, it's just that time of year when giving seems to be the right thing to do. And what better gift to give than a book or two or ten?

Early Summer Reads

By Tara May

Warm sunshine, sparkling blue water, lazy afternoons, sand between your toes...what’s missing from this picture? A good book, of course! Nothing says 'summertime' like pages stained with sunscreen and smelling of sea salt. If you’re looking for something good to read on summer vacation—or on your front porch, outside your favorite coffee shop, or even during your 30-minute lunch break—then we’ve got the book for you! It isn’t official, but let’s be honest, there is an unspoken competition for how many paperback books you can stuff into your beach bag, and we have a slew of juicy titles to help you up your game.