About the Fundraiser

In just three years, Word After Word Books has become a community hub for our town and the Lake Tahoe region. We started small, we found people that loved books, and we invited them to join our team. And then you all found us and helped us build a following that we never imagined could happen for a little bookshop in Truckee!

We've improved as booksellers, and we’ve gotten better and better at curating the right selection of books for our customers. It wasn’t always easy; there was a lot to learn along the way, and we're still learning! We've learned that creating a space that allows us to be ourselves, supports authors of all genders, colors, and backgrounds, and encourages adults and children alike to open their minds to the world — both real and imaginary — is our main goal. There is no better sight than when a little person pulls a grownup down to sit on a bean bag to read and share a moment that will become a memory. Those are the moments that keep us coming back every day!

The outline for our next chapter was written. We've loved our small space on Commercial Row — it brought you to us, after all, and it helped us forge our identity as Tahoe/Truckee's independent bookstore. But we've grown up, and we were ready to stretch out and take it to the next level. We found an amazing space down the street to move into, the Historic Truckee Mercantile Building. We were dreaming big, excited to have more room for books, more space for browsing, more literary experiences. Not just a kids & teens section, but an entire ROOM. A really cool Cellar for events. This space is absolutely amazing, and full of possibilities.    

Then the global pandemic of COVID-19 set us all back. Each of us knows someone who is fighting the virus, or we have a connection to someone that has lost the battle. We dream of the day when our safety efforts have worked and we can hug our family and friends again. Truckee/Tahoe folks and all those who love this beautiful place are a tough bunch. We’re independent, just like Word After Word Books. And we will get through this together.

The team at Word After Word Books will not quit. We have shifted our business in a few short weeks and we are offering books to our community via online, email, and phone sales. Yup, that us answering your Instagram messages about what we have in stock, FaceTiming you to find a birthday gift, recommending our favorite books to get you through the hours of new found reading time. And we promise that we will keep going for you, and for the love of books.

We don’t know when we will be able to move to our new space. It’s just down the street, but we need to be safe about it. But we will make it happen. Take a look at the gorgeous renderings our friends at Keith Design Group created for us so that we can show you the VISION in our heads for the the new bookshop! Local contractor Steve Casey and his team at Casey Custom Builders are already helping make this dream a reality. But we need your help to finish the project and support our team during the stay-at-home order and through the long journey back to normal.

Please join us in building the new bookshop and supporting our team!

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